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The Lobby is not a store. It's so much more. We like to think of The Lobby as the marketplace of tomorrow - a vibrant physical and social ad for your brand. 

The Lobby is a carefully curated free-flow retail market and lab, with focus on innivators, new products and services in fashion, lifestyle, interiordesign, beauty and tehnology. 

The Lobby includes a range of physical services - from Click & Collect, cutting edge multimedia shopping tools and media exposure, to attractive culinary concepts, spaces for socialising and interesting and relevant events hosted by The Lobby's partners and retailers. 

The Lobby offers the perfect gateway to Sweden and Stockholm, with the potentioal to reinvent the way retailers operate their businesses, stay relevant and add value to their customers. bring your own brand and your ideas - and become part of The Lobby experience. Toghether we create The Lobby. 

The Lobby Market will open up in Spring 2018 at Regeringsgatan 61

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