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In-store guidelines & general information for The Lobby MARKET



The Lobby is located at Regeringsgatan 61. (map)


Opening hours

The Lobby is open to the public during the following hours:


Weekdays: 10.00 to 20.00

Saturday: 10.00 to 18.00

Sunday: Closed.


Plug-in payment

We are currently working on creating a seamless plug-in payment solution. Our number one goal is to build a solution that is integration friendly yet stable and secure. More information on our plug-in payment solution can be expected shortly.  


Meanwhile please be prepared that due to KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations and AML (Anti money laundering) legislation it will require some time to get the integration with the payment solution done properly.


The Lobby will provide skilled and service-minded retail personnel responsible for hosting The Lobby during opening hours, as well as overall styling of The Lobby with props and products from different brands within The Lobby.


To ensure that The Lobby staff can perform at their best and possess the knowledge required to market/sell/display each client’s products/services, retailers undertake to provide AMF with educational material no later than two weeks before Lobby entering day. The material can be physical or digital but please bear in mind that the reading time required should not exceed thirty minutes.


For products that are technically advanced or for other reasons require an in-depth level of education and learning we strongly recommend that clients bring their own personnel to The Lobby.  


Educational material should be sent to the following email address:


As a retailer/client/brand, you are also entitled to have your own staff in place, in addition to the staff provided by AMF. This will be at your own expense and will have no effect on the price. Staff provided by the client will only have access to The Lobby during normal opening hours.


Even though we are confident that our Stars will handle The Lobby in the most professional way we strongly recommend each client to come visit The Lobby at some during your time in The Lobby.

Daily maintenance

AMF is responsible for the daily maintenance of The Lobby premises. The staff provided by AMF will ensure all plug-in retail spaces are kept clean, tidy, refilled and showcased at all times in accordance with the agreement.

Data communication and network

The Lobby offers state-of-the art technology for a wireless network based on and designed for the latest standards. Our infrastructure covers the whole Lobby premises. Everything is powered by well-known infrastructure brands.


Security & fire safety

  • AMF will provide security solutions in accordance with Swedish retail industry standards.

  • Burglar alarms

  • AMF will provide fire safety solutions in accordance with Swedish legislation.

  • In the event of a fire, The Lobby staff are responsible for providing instructions for safe evacuation in accordance with the fire and safety practices developed for The Lobby.








Logistics guidelines



Deliveries to and from The Lobby

Each client is responsible for arranging their own deliveries to and from The Lobby. Once you have decided which freight company you wish to use, you simply provide AMF with information on what goods are being delivered, by whom and when. Information on deliveries and goods should be submitted to AMF no later than two weeks prior to the Lobby entering day.

  • All information regarding deliveries should be sent to the following email address: no less than three days prior to shipping.


Goods and deliveries

  • To be able to guarantee that each client’s plug-in retail space is up and running on The Lobby entering day, AMF must be provided with all products and material no later than ten working days prior to The Lobby entering day.

  • All goods delivered to The Lobby should be addressed to:

      The Lobby

      Sveavägen 10

      111 57 Stockholm



  • Loading and unloading of all goods sent to the above address will be the responsibility of AMF.

  • The Lobby’s Goods In opening hours are:

       Monday–Friday 08.00–17.00

  • If you require additional storage space or have any other questions regarding logistics, please contact:




To ensure that your time in The Lobby is as safe and convenient as possible we have arranged for a customized Lobby insurance policy, provided by Länsförsäkringar AB, one of Sweden’s largest insurance companies. This is a simple and very affordable insurance policy that covers every aspect of your Lobby participation. Whether you wish to add an insurance policy to your Lobby agreement is, off course, optional.


There are three different levels of insurance; small, medium and large.


Small – covers an insured value of up to 100 000 SEK for a premium of 830 SEK

Medium – covers an insured value of up to 225 000 SEK for a premium of 1 870 SEK

Large – covers an insured value of up to 450 000 SEK for a premium of 3 330 SEK

No Insurance - covers nothing


More information on terms and agreement for The Lobby insurance can be expected shortly.


These favorable rates have been made possible through a group insurance policy negotiated exclusively for our clients in The Lobby.


- Your property is comprehensively insured during transit to and from The Lobby, including loading and unloading.

- Your property is comprehensively insured during your time in The Lobby, including assembly and dismantling.

- Additional generous cover for personal luggage and expenses in the event of illness or accident.


More information on terms and agreement for The Lobby insurance can be expected shortly.

Why is it important to be properly insured?


Deliveries to and from The Lobby:

  • If your goods are being transported by an independent carrier, the goods will not be insured if they are damaged in transit.

  • If your goods are damaged in transit by an independent carrier and the carrier accepts liability for the damage, remuneration will be limited to SEK 150/kg within Sweden. If the carrier does not accept liability for the damaged goods, no remuneration will be payable at all.

  • If your goods are being transported in your own vehicle and are damaged, the vehicle’s insurance policy will not cover the damaged goods.

  • Your goods may disappear/be stolen in transit.


During your time in The Lobby:

  • Your goods may be damaged or stolen or get lost during your time in The Lobby.

  • The Lobby’s insurance policy is an affordable way of being properly insured and is an excellent supplement to your business insurance.

Insurance sign up: We are currently working on creating an easy process for insurance sign up. More information can be expected shortly.


Visual guidelines


Each client is entitled to display their products within The Lobby’s physical premises. In addition to physical exposure, each client is also entitled to exposure via The Lobby’s digital channels. The Lobby will have access to a dedicated “Lobby Marketing Manager”. The Marketing Manager will ensure sure that The Lobby’s digital channels are continuously updated with the latest information about The Lobby’s current brands.


All material to be communicated or displayed via The Lobby's channels, physically and digitally, must be approved by AMF prior to publication. In order for us to be able to deliver on our promise of media exposure in The Lobby’s channels, we have defined a minimum level of material we require from each brand. The format of the material to be delivered is defined in the section "Digital Media Exposure". The volume and quality of the material you submit will set the level for how much space each client will be allocated. The higher the quality and coverage of the material submitted, the easier it will be for us to promote your brand.


Physical exposure guidelines

The Lobby package you have signed up for will set the framework/guidelines for your brand’s physical exposure within The Lobby. The size of the package will define the type and size of interiors/furnishings you are entitled to. Within each package size you will be able to choose from a list of options. The idea is to give each brand the opportunity to select the furnishings that are best suited to showcase the client’s specific products. To facilitate the selection process and give you an idea of what a Lobby exposure could look like, we will provide you with some inspirational images on how the different packages can be staged.

To make the selection process as easy as possible, we will provide you with a form on which you will be able to select everything from furnishings included in the standard packages, to different add-ons, such as additional storage, lighting, digital screens, etc. This is where you will also find the inspirational images.



Digital exposure guidelines

Your brand in The Lobby’s digital channels.


Each client, regardless of what package they have signed up for, is entitled to exposure via The Lobby’s digital channels, both online and in the physical space through our digital screens within the Lobby’s premises


(Social media is selected on a randomized basis)


In order to enable such exposure, each client must provide us with material connected to their brand. The minimum level of material we require to guarantee each brand’s presence is as follows:

  • Logotype, EPS-format 300 dpi and JPG-format 72 dpi

  • A minimum of two press images, EPS-format 300 dpi and JPG-format 72 dpi

  • A short summary about your brand. Preferably in English.

  • Link to website or e-commerce site


Clients wishing to provide us with extra material in addition to the above are, of course, more than welcome to do so. If you would like us to showcase any motional material, it must be delivered as youtube or vimeo links.


For AMF to be able to guarantee each client’s presence in The Lobby’s digital channels we must have access to the material no later than 30 days prior to Lobby entering.


All material should be submitted to the following email address:


The Lobby brand in our client’s digital channels

Clients who wish to share their Lobby collaboration prior, during and after their time in The Lobby in their own channels are, of course, more than welcome to do so. In fact, we strongly believe that a joint effort in terms of exposure and communication adds up to something much stronger than the sum of the parts.


To facilitate such activity, we have created a digital toolbox. The digital toolbox can be found on The Lobby’s content platform. A unique login to the platform has or will, within a few days, be submitted via email. The digital toolbox includes the following material

  • Suggested timetable for communication activities

  • The Lobby’s logo type

  • Lobby images

  • A list of hashtags

  • The Lobby – key messages

  • Copywriting suggestions for Instagram and Facebook

  • Graphic design elements from The Lobby’s visual identity


Please note that the Lobby content platform is not up and running quite yet but will be shortly.



Technology & innovation



Our greatest ambition is for The Lobby to host and/or include several elements of cutting edge technology. We are currently in the process of deciding which gadgets and techniques we believe will have the greatest and most beneficial impact on the retail experience we are creating for The Lobby. More information can be expected shortly.


Our partners in The Lobby

We strive to be in the forefront of retail evolution. Our goal is to create the best experience possible for all our clients in The Lobby. To do so we are aiming to create a testing environment where our clients will get the opportunity to try on all sorts of new technology in a small scale before maybe considering investing and scale up on the retail features of tomorrow. To be able to this we will team up with different partners, all in the forefront of development in their specific area. Hence we are proud to present our partners so far;


  • Cisco /TPM (wi-fi)

  • Symbio (VR & AR)

  • Epicenter (Digital Innovation house)


Lounge membership at the Epicenter included in your Lobby package

During their stay in The Lobby, all clients are automatically entitled to an Epicenter lounge membership. Epicenter is Stockholm’s first digital House of Innovation, hosting members such as Google for Entrepreneurs, Samsung, Spotify, etc. For more information please visit:

To activate your membership, please send an email to:




Other services within The Lobby



Click and collect

The Lobby will include a click and collect solution. A pick-up point where customers can pick up and return items they have bought online. The click and collect area will be provided with a few fitting rooms. From commencement, the Lobby click and collect service will be able to handle deliveries distributed by the following companies:

  • Postnord

  • UPS

  • DHL


We are currently working on developing this service and the aim is to expand it and add more carriers and new smart services.



The Lobby is an excellent venue for innovative and exciting events. We will be able to host everything from fashion shows to

breakfast meetings, consumer events, launch parties, mini-fairs with re-sellers, etc. Only your imagination sets the limits! We will be more than happy to discuss this with you. Please bear in mind that we need to plan any event carefully and therefore need to know your requirements reasonably well in advance.

If you are interested in hosting an event during your time in The Lobby, please contact our Lobby Manager at and she will be able to guide you through everything, including planning, costs

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