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Glad Stad is Swedish and has a simple meaning: Happy City! We believe that placemaking and tactical urbanism can create attractive, livable, and inclusive cities and public spaces.


Founded in Stockholm in 2013, Glad Stad is a global consultancy and space developer with a broad project portfolio and a wide range of clients, from cities & municipalities to global organizations and development companies.


Glad Stad specializes in Strategic Space Programming and Branding – the art turning a space into a place, and creating a narrative and a story. We define tools, content and pre-requisites of how to transform spaces into vibrant, attractive and happy places!


Alongside programming, we focus on advisory services for urban planning to create happier cities. Both in the interim and long term to help create systemic change, innovative procurement and in-depth stakeholder analysis and clear urban strategies.




Place KickOff

Our Place Kickoff is the perfect starting point for activating space. This sprint approach includes an introduction to placemaking along with a common site visit, a series of workshops to understand and formulize a placemaking goal – and a program to realize that goal. It is our recommended tool for cities, developers and land owners seeking tangible documentation for making current and future decisions for space.

The hardest part with any placemaking intiative is the journey from plan to action. And more specifically, that the outcome is in line with carefully set placemaking goals and program.  Glad Stad was founded with an inhouse operative capacity to best learn how placemaking services are both procured and executed. Thus, as the organization grew we became leading experts in developing teams for operations and maintenance, together with our clients, both inhouse and outsourced. 

Operational Services

A deeper dive where we define the goal of a place led activation (for example increased safety, awareness, tenant satisfaction etc). Once the goal is clear we the assess which placemaking tools (for example, markets, cultural event, tenant mix, urban gardening & landscaping etc) are needed to realize that goal and formulate a program.

Space Programming

As our global team and network include leading city planners, urbanists, researchers & architects, we offer extensive services in urban planning, policy making and strategy based approach to create vibrant, livable and happy cities!

With a long record of advisory services to urban planning, we often help our client in crucial stages of space development and future planning. Through our network, we can also help matchunique expertise within the urban landscape, to better provide documentation and strong decision material for strategizing urban space.

Urban Advisory

Procuring placemaking initiatives is seldom easy as it spans over a wide range of disciplines and content and often with great detail. And with an uncertainty of suitable services providers, creating sharp tenders can be challenging.  Together we develop strong Requests for Proposal, Scopes of work and procurement guidelines to better execute an agreed placemaking program.

Innovation Procurement


Placemaking is a participatory discipline. Thus, providing training on how to learn about and implement placemaking & urbans strategy for happier cities into organizations our premiere function. We provide appropriate material along with half- or full day workshop based training. We also organize site visits and inspirational travel where we explore and interact with successful place initiatives across the world. For a briefer introduction to placemaking we host and offer inspirational talks and lectures. Contact us to find out more!

Training, Travel & Talks

Contact us

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